School Council

Year 2
Our reps in Year 2 enjoy Art and D.T because they like making things. They also like using their imaginations to write stories and in Maths they like the challenge of learning new times tables.

Our reps believe that they will be a good addition to our school council because they are good listeners and are keen to make sure that everyone at Goosehill is happy.

Year 3
Our Year 3 reps enjoy their Topic lessons because they like to learn new facts. They are particularly interested in History and learning about the past and what the future might hold.

The children think they will make great school council reps because they have lots of ideas that they would like to share.

Year 4
Our Year 4 reps really enjoy ICT and designing new things using computer programmes. They are also interested in Art and using different things to colour with.

As the oldest and most experienced children on our school council, the Year 4 reps are keen to get ideas and opinions from their classmates and feed these back.