School of Character

Mr D Comb

Chair of Governors up to August 2022

Teaching character is at the heart of our mission at Morpeth First School, for all children to be Treasured, Courageous and Empowered.

So, why character? Just try asking one of our children. Our children understand that learning is about intention and actions. Achievement is a result of learning, but it is not the same thing. We want our children to value what they do rather than what they achieve; and to have the skills to judge others by their values and behaviour. I really hope that when they grow up, they continue to ask ‘why?’ and find answers that align with their values. When all of this adds up, I think we’ll have healthier, happier and more resilient young people.

Mrs N Fielding

Head Teacher

“We are thrilled and delighted to be awarded the Kitemark for Character Education, and as a school community extremely proud of what we have achieved in such a short space of time. Our vision, for all pupils and staff to feel ‘Treasured, Courageous and Empowered’, runs like a golden thread through everything that happens in school. We aim to provide as many opportunities as possible for the children to explore and embed our character values into their own lives, in order for them to become flourishing and fulfilled members of society.”

Mrs J Irvine

Year 3 Teacher

“Since embarking on our character curriculum journey the atmosphere in school has become more positive. Children actively look for ways to show kindness towards both staff and their peers, whether this is holding a door open or picking up a dropped jumper.”

Miss C Johnson

Higher Level Teaching Assistant

“Since Character Education has been developed at our school I have noticed the impact it has had on both staff and children. Children are being more resilient and each day I see their confidence grow and grow. Being awarded the Kitemark has given the children a sense of pride in their school life.”

Miss K McLean

Teaching Assistant

“Acknowledging how the children grow in character as well as academically is fabulous, seeing them proud of each other’s achievements that may have otherwise gone unnoticed really is amazing. There’s a happy, kind and helpful vibe around the school!”

Mr T Haigh

CEO of the Association of Character Education

“What a lovely and inspiring school. Character is at the heart of everything. What an honour to visit.”

Mr G Lewis

Chair of the Association of Character Education

“So refreshing to discover a school which ensures 'values' are at the core of everything they do. Staff live these values in all that they do.”

Mrs S White

Early Years Coordinator

“Since we have introduced character education into our curriculum it has been amazing to see the children really start to think about the person they are and would like to be. They begin to see behaviour as something that is part of them and that they are in control of and not as a separate set of rules.”

Mrs H Woods

Year 3 Teacher

“One huge positive of introducing the character curriculum is that we are giving the children the language to describe how they feel and how they act. They are beginning to identify and, most importantly, verbalise positive character traits in themselves and their peers.”

Mrs D Smeaton

Year 4 Teacher

“There has been a significant change in our school since the introduction of our character curriculum. The children are more aware of the character traits they display and the traits that they see in others. They are confident in explaining what each of our values means and how they contribute to a happy and successful school community.”

Mrs N Darrington and Mrs J Stafford

Governors for Character education

'We would like to express our thanks for our visit and to give our full support to the character work at Morpeth First school. It was wonderful to see first-hand the children learning, discussing, and applying character as well as hearing the staff feedback on the difference this is making in school. The provision in terms of the curriculum, resource guidance, support for staff and the benefits of Commando Joe’s was evident.
Governors will continue to monitor this valuable project.’